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For many different reasons, some couples are not ready for counseling. However, some of those couples are ready to strengthen their relationship and are ready to learn healthy communication skills.

Friendswood Marriage Counseling has created an online educational course that you and partner can watch together to learn the tools on how to communicate effectively with each other. This online course has practical and educational tools to strengthen your communication.

You can access this course on our website by clicking on the E-Course tab from the menu bar or clicking here.

FAQs about the online course:

Is it one class?

Yes, it is one online class with video and lecture format. Shelly Kessinger, LPC is the author and teacher of this class. There are approximately 18 videos about 1-4 minutes each.

How much does it cost?

The online course costs $100.

How do I watch it?

The course is optimally viewed on a PC or laptop. After purchase, you will have 30 days to access this course.

How long is the course?

The course lasts about 60 minutes. The duration will increase if you and your partner discuss the topics and information together.

Do we have to watch it in one sitting?

No, you can choose to view it at your own pace, but viewing this course in one sitting is preferred. After purchase, you will have 30 days to access this course. We do recommend watching this course together with your partner.

Any other questions about this e-course? Feel free to call or text us at 281-317-7057.