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Pre-Marital Counseling

Congratulations on your engagement!

Friendswood Marriage Counseling is proud to offer affordable and professional pre-marital counseling to engaged couples near Friendswood, TX 77546. For the engaged couple that is having problems, we can help. For the engaged couple that wants to have a "check-up" before they get married, we are here. And for the engaged couple that wants to prevent future communication problems, we can work with you.

Yes, you can go to marriage counseling even if you are not technically married. This is usually known as "couples counseling" or "pre-marital therapy".

We may cover a few of the topics below:

Do you think anything will change when you are living together?

Do you think anything will change when you are married?

What are the 5 most important values for your relationship when you get married?

How will you know when you need to get help after you're married?

What are the sensitive topics that are in your relationship?

In pre-marital counseling, we discuss relationship challenges, communication skills, and conflict resolution.

There are 2 common types of pre-marital counseling: when you are having problems as an engaged couple and when you want to check in to make sure that you stay married.

Both types are welcome.

At Friendswood Marriage Counseling, we utilize a combination of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and the Gottman method. We individualize treatment to meet the needs of your relationship. No two relationships are the same and no two treatments are the same.

Pre-marital counseling helps you build a solid foundation for your relationship.