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Family Counseling

Friendswood Marriage Counseling is proud to offer Family Counseling for adults 18 and up.

Family counseling can include parents and their adult children, adult siblings, grandparents, in-laws, or any group of people that could use a safe and supportive space to strengthen relationships.

Are you an adult looking to work through past hurts experienced during childhood?

Are you a parent with an adult child at home who is struggling to embrace or launch into adulthood?

Are you feeling overwhelmed as you are trying to navigate through new transitions as a family - recently blended family members, death in the family, traumatic family events, or the stress of entering new life stages?

In family counseling we help families learn new ways of connecting with each other and learn how to resolve unhealthy patterns and roles.

We may discuss any of the topics below and more:

  • parenting
  • blended family challenges
  • grief and loss
  • life transitions
  • chronic or terminal illness
  • trauma
  • boundary setting
  • depression
  • adult children at home
  • adult sibling relationships
  • marital or couples stress

*Please note that all family members must be 18 or older for our family counseling services.

*If you are a family with children under 18, we will be happy to work with the parents and we can provide you with referrals, resources, and information for child or play therapy.