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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling can help improve the communication in your relationship.

Friendswood Marriage Counseling provides professional couples and individual counseling in Friendswood, TX 77546 . Yes, marriage counseling can be hard, but struggling in your marriage can be even harder. In marriage counseling, we address any and all topics that are affecting your marriage. These sources of conflict can be big or small issues. They can be typical or unique problems. We can work on communications skills, affair recovery, disconnection, rebuilding trust and more.

Marriage counseling allows a neutral, 3rd party to give you professional feedback, communication tools, and solutions.

It sometimes takes an objective voice or another perspective to make big changes. This can be difficult to talk to a stranger. But this is not a friend or family member that is biased. There is no hidden ulterior motive. The marriage therapist will talk to you, and you don't have to worry about seeing them at a family event.

Marriage counseling is a safe and confidential space to get relationship help.

If you feel stuck or lonely in your marriage, then let's do something about it. If you feel disconnected or hopeless about your relationship, then let's make some changes.

We specialize in repairing relationships and reconnecting you to your partner.

Marriage counseling is not just for those couples that are about to separate. Did you know that many couples come to marriage counseling and have no plans to divorce? They just want help in a particular area or with a specific problem. Divorce is not an option for them, but they do want to make their relationship better.

Oftentimes, life is stressful and can have an impact on your relationship. Licensed professional counselors can help you navigate these stressors, build compromises, allow you a space to vent, and get you back to a healthy place in your marriage.

A good marriage does not just happen; it takes work, patience, effort, energy, compromise, kindness, communication skills, and so much more.